Gift Ideas for the New 2022


Gift Ideas for the New 2022 According to the eastern calendar, the next 2022 will be the year of the Black Tiger. This means that when choosing gifts for the New Year, priority should be given to the following colors: gold, orange, terracotta, blue, silver, white, green, etc. As a gift for the New Year, priority should be given to the following colors so on. Also pay attention to gifts that have the symbolism of the patron & nbsp; coming year.

New Year's gifts can conditionally be divided into two categories.

First, they include official gifts to colleagues, customers and people whose relationship is friendly or business, but not close.

Choosing such New Year's gifts this year, you can forget about the benefits and buy beautiful trinkets, such as elegantly packed sweets, flowers, expensive alcohol. However, the Tiger does not like to be treated carelessly, so gifts must be picked up with a soul so that they are truly happy.

In the second category of New Year's gifts you can add gifts to your family, friends and other close people.

To do this, they often choose valuable gifts that will faithfully serve their owners for many years. They should be supplemented with a souvenir with the symbols of a black water tiger, for example, a candle or soap of handmade.

Therefore, preference for a year of tiger should be given to gifts for the soul. Buy, although not very practical, but buy the right things.

A universal gift for the New Year is money or a gift certificate. For example, give gardeners a certificate for the purchase of plants in a good nursery, and fishermen a certificate for the purchase of equipment.

We offer a number of gift ideas for the New Year of 2022.

New Year 2022 Gift Ideas for Colleagues

  • Lunch box with internal compartments and a case.
  • Stationery with treacherous symbols & nbsp; next year.
  • Substitute for heating pad.
  • USB cable or hub have unusual colors.
  • A mouse pad with a funny photo of a colleague.
  • Flash drive for the phone.
  • Wireless Headphones.
  • Flashlight on the head.
  • Handmade candles or soap are made in the form of a tiger or in its drawings.
  • Ice patterns of an unusual shape.
  • Latches on magnets.
  • Bouquet of tea or coffee.
  • Cookies in a jar.
  • Foggy hands.

New Year's gift ideas for friends of 2022
  • Online hobby best practices course.
  • Books or certificate for the purchase of books in a store.
  • Kitchen or dishes are not the main requirement (e.g., grilled pans, mulled wine).
  • Camping dishes (cats, pans).
  • Picnic set.
  • Flask.
  • Towels.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Blanket.
  • Tools (smartphone, tablet, headphones, quadrocopter, laptop, fitness bracelet).
  • Small household appliances (thermopot, mixer, mlinok).
  • Dear tea or coffee.
  • Thermo bag.

New Year's gift ideas for parents
  • Steam pajamas.
  • Gourmet kitchen utensils.
  • Stylish towel.
  • Very beautiful tablecloths.
  • Blanket.
  • shoes.
  • Clothing (e.g. thermal underwear, terry bathrobes, warm slippers, overalls for working in the country, pair hoods for mom and dad).
  • Flights to a sanatorium, theater or cinema.
  • Bags, Bags.
  • A waste technique (e.g. steam system, thermostat, vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, portable hand heater).
  • Portrait of parents on canvas.

New Year 2022 Gift Ideas for Husband
  • Silk pajamas.
  • Towel for names.
  • Manual hours.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Hat and scarf.
  • Technology covers and bags.
  • Backpack.
  • Gadgets or accessories to them.

Gift Ideas for Wife on New Year's Day, 2022
  • Ticket for an exhibition in an art gallery or other important event where you can dress beautifully.
  • Branded hat and scarf.
  • Brand bags.
  • Tools (smartphone, tablet, headphones, laptop, fitness bracelet, robot vacuum cleaner).
  • Meh.
  • Travel.
  • Jewelry (e.g. necklaces, brooches, earrings and rings).

New Year's Eve Gift Ideas for Child 2022
  • Soft toy.
  • Games, board games for a console or computer.
  • Books, comics, annual magazine subscription.
  • Clothing (throwbies, T-shirts with symbols of music groups or cartoon characters).
  • Bump, backpack, bag.
  • Tools (smartphone, tablet, headphones, quadrocopter, laptop, fitness bracelet).
  • Girls have fur rabbits, hairpins, bows, rubber bands and cosmetics
  • LEGO men, chemist kits, physicists, spies, binoculars, binoculars.
  • Bath bombs.
  • Sports equipment (ganters, ice skating, snowboarding, fitness rug, soccer ball).
  • Walking to climbing, trampoline park and water park will take several minutes

What is not worth giving the Black Tiger for the New Year?
It’s better not to give anything but to surprise your friends with useless and unnecessary things.

An intangible gift can also be given to close people for the New Year. For example, an album with photos of the most important moments of last year or a video with funny family scenes.

Gifts made with your own hands are also important: pies, hand-sewn clothes and so on.