Unusual inspirational ideas for gifts for the New Year 2022


Unusual inspirational ideas for gifts for the New Year 2022 New Year is approaching, and we are beginning to think about what to give to our relatives, friends and colleagues. It is important that the gift is memorable, benefits, and not just dust on the shelf or lie in the drawer of the table. We offer some non-banal ideas for a New Year's gift. These are not boring figurines or mugs, but inspiring useful options.
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Cozy beautiful plaid.

In 2022, the main trend in the interior will be minimalism in shades. And the materials should be simple and natural. It is worth paying attention to knitted wicker products. The plaid should be large viscosity and preferably pastel hue. Such a thing will probably not lie in the closet, but will come in handy on cool autumn and winter evenings. This is a great practical gift for grandmother, mom or sister.

Table classic game for winter evenings.

For those who love home parties or family gatherings, a gift in the form of a company game will be suitable. For a fun company, the game & laquo; Ersh & raquo ;. In addition, for the New Year 2022, you can give & laquo; Imajinarium & raquo ;, & laquo; Carcasson & raquo ;, & laquo; Activity & raquo ;, as well as & laquo; Colonizers & raquo; or & laquo; Monopoly & raquo;. If you want to add a postcard to the gift, it’s better not just to purchase it in the stationery store, but to do it with your soul. To do this, do not need to draw a postcard yourself. There are a lot of ready-made designs on the Internet. It is enough to print them and sign them.

& laquo; 52 tasks for a pair & raquo; - a game-quest for a couple in love.

It's great to spend time in a fun company. But sometimes in love I want to be only together. This quest will be the perfect gift for them. The game was developed by Elizabeth Kritsky & ndash; professional psychologist. The jar is very beautiful, and inside there are many tasks that will not only help have fun, but will help strengthen relations in a pair. The point of the game is to get one task from the jar every week and complete them together.

Bamboo dish set.

Modern dishes made from bamboo fibers & ndash; these are not only durable, but also completely natural products. If you care about maintaining the health of loved ones, this gift will be very helpful. Dish & ndash; a universal version of the New Year's gift for both relatives and friends or employees.
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Refrigerator board.

Such a magnet will perform not only aesthetic, but also practical function. It is very convenient when you can leave a note for family members directly on the refrigerator or write a list of products that you need to buy. And if there is a child in the family, the board will become a platform for creativity.
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Charger-vase for the phone.

So that numerous wires do not spoil the interior of the apartment, you can use a beautiful charger. In such a vase you can put living, dried or artificial flowers. It will be a wonderful gift for a friend, sister or mother. Before giving a vase, be sure to put flowers in it. And to make the gift thematic, put in it a pointesia, which is also called the Christmas star.
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World Map.

The image of a world map on a scratch card will be a wonderful decoration for the interior. But this is not only a decor. The trick is to wash the top layer of paint from the areas where you have already visited. This is a wonderful incentive to see the many beautiful corners of our planet. If the one for whom you choose a gift loves to travel the world, this gift will be very helpful.
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Arched stick stand.

To make the gift exclusive, order a ceramic, clay or wooden stand decorated with hand painting. Manual beautiful stand perfectly complement any interior. And even if a person is not fond of incense, he will want to try during this holiday period and will definitely appreciate your attention.

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Bathside Sacks.

If you are looking for a not very expensive, but interesting gift that will bring joy, pay attention to the bright and fragrant bath bombs. Such a set is able to cheer up even in the most gloomy weather. They contain natural oils that promote skin hydration, soften and make it more radiant.

Wine soap.

For wine lovers, a gift in the form of wine soap is suitable. It has a delicate wine aroma and will help you relax after a hard day. Pay attention to the composition. For soap to benefit the skin, it must contain oils and other natural components.
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Leather Bookmark.

Such bookmarks are made manually and are decorated with drawings or beautiful quotes. They can be presented with a book of Christmas subjects. For example, & laquo; Christmas Tale & raquo; H. Dickens.
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Face mask.

We started wearing them back in 2020, but these items have not yet lost their relevance. And in the near future we are unlikely to be able to get rid of them. Why not make them at least beautiful? Give your family and friends beautifully designed reusable masks that they will wear with pleasure.
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Pillow for the back.

If you choose a gift for a person who travels a lot or works at a computer, an orthopedic pillow that is placed under his back will be a great option. Today it is a very relevant gift. After all, many companies transfer employees to remote work, and people spend a lot of time at home.
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Coconut PR for the presentation of smoothie bowls.

This is a very stylish thing in which you can serve not only smoothie bowls, but also salads made of vegetables or just fruits. This is a great gift for those who prefer natural materials.

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Yoga kit.

You often hear from a friend that she wants to start doing yoga, but this moment does not come? In this case, such an idea for a New Year's gift will be simply perfect. This is a good impetus to take an important first step. The kit may include a rug, a belt that serves to improve flexibility, and dice.

& nbsp; Campaign kit.

For lovers of hiking, picnics in nature, a very useful gift will be a set of plates, cups and other dishes specially designed for cooking at the stake.
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Fluid Art picture.

When making a picture, you can get a lot of pleasure, and the result will be a wonderful decoration of the interior. Technique involves drawing with liquid acrylic. This is a great gift for a creative person. But it is important to consider that if this is a busy person who has little time, he is unlikely to appreciate it.& nbsp ;
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Tictocker Set.

During 2020, attention was paid to about 18 million. users were chained to TikTok. In relation to 2019, the number of audiences has doubled, and popularity is only increasing. It can be called a kind of & laquo; minute fame & raquo ;. Give the set for the ticker to a friend who wants to become popular or has already begun this path.
The set can consist of ultraviolet tape, ring lamp and tripod, neon posters and a garland with bulbs.
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