How to add a link to the wish list to groups of friends in telegrams?


When you add an important date, you can add an ID chat group in the telegram where the bot ADDITIONAL will send a notification about this date, it can be a chat of friends, neighbors, a relative, etc.n, that is, a bot will remind people in your group that you have a name book in your chat, or just an important date that no one wants to forget about.& nbsp;

For the bot to send a notification to the group, & nbsp; you need to add a bot & nbsp; https: // in & nbsp; your group, at the first addition it will respond with a message from the ID of this chat (ID_CHAT), which you need to copy and paste into the "ID group of friends in the telegram" & nbsp;

Next, you need to go to the page of an important date and enter the group’s aydi in the telegram, all, when an important date comes, the bot will send a message to the
& nbsp ;
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