International Customs Day (26/01)

Every year on January 26, World Customs Day ( International Customs Day ) — is a professional holiday for all customs officers on the planet.

In November 1952, the Convention on the Establishment of the Customs Cooperation Council entered into force. On January 26, 1953, the first session of the Customs Cooperation Council was held in Brussels, in 1994, dubbed — World Customs Organization ( World Customs Organization ), WCO. It was represented by the heads of their customs services in 17 European countries.

After 30 years, in 1983, it was this day that was chosen as the annual holiday of International Customs Day. The ideas of the customs community received a great response.

Quickly enough from a modest organization uniting a limited number of European states, the Customs Cooperation Council has become an authoritative organization on an international scale. The World Customs Organization currently brings together 183 Member States that manage more than 98% of all international trade. Three quarters of them are developing countries.

International Customs Day is an occasion not only for the manifestation of international solidarity of customs services around the world, summing up the work for the year and drawing up plans for the upcoming, but also to attract public attention to the importance of the role of customs in the economic and social development of society. In addition, every year events within the framework of the Day are held under a certain motto.

Today, more than 800 thousand people celebrate their professional holiday — this is the total number of customs officers worldwide. The Russian Customs Service, numbering 68 thousand people, is one of the largest. And Russian customs officers celebrate their national professional holiday on October 25.