Library Day of Kyrgyzstan (27/05)

Given the great contribution of the libraries of Kyrgyzstan to the development of education, science, culture, information of the republic and the need to further increase their role in society, May 27 was declared the Day of Libraries of Kyrgyzstan ( Kyrgyzstandyn Kitepkanalar Kunu ) by Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic № 308 dated June 17, 2008.

For the first time, more than 2.5 thousand library workers celebrated their professional holiday in 2009, of which 88% — are women.

This date is dedicated to the opening day of May 27, 1902 in Kyrgyzstan of the first publicly available library.

Today, more than a thousand libraries operate in the republic, the services of which in Kyrgyzstan are used annually by over 1 million readers. The library fund of the republic is over 19 million library units.

Preserving traditions, the libraries of the Republic are successfully developing in new social and economic conditions. They harmoniously joined the new form of statehood of Kyrgyzstan, proving their need as centers of science, culture and education. Libraries preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan in its national interests. The contribution of libraries to the promotion and popularization of cultural property of Kyrgyzstan, the revival of interest in the history of the country are invaluable.

By the way, on May 27, the Day of Libraries is also celebrated in Russia, and this date is dedicated to the day of the founding by Empress Catherine II in 1795 of the first state public library of Russia — the Imperial Public Library, now — Russian National Library. Officially in Russia, this day was established in 1995.

The — library is one of the main sources of information, ranging from ancient to Internet access. This holiday is celebrated not only by library workers, but also by everyone who does not think of their life without a book, who is related to reading, knowledge, enlightenment.