Independence Day of the Republic of Madagascar (26/06)

On June 26, 1960, the independence of the Malagasy Republic was proclaimed, and in honor of this event, June 26 is celebrated in Madagascar as a national holiday - Independence Day in Madagascar.

After the declaration of independence, as a result of democratic elections, the Social Democratic Party led by Philibert Tsiranana came to power. The neo-colonial regime of the Tsiranana government led to a sharp drop in living standards, and there were massive anti-government demonstrations and uprisings.

Under these conditions, the government of Tsiranana was forced to transfer power to the military on May 18, 1972. The new government was headed by General Ramanantsua. The Ramanantsua government revised the unequal Franco-Malagasy agreements of 1960 and signed new ones in 1973 - asserting the sovereignty of Madagascar and the withdrawal of French troops from the country.

Two years later, part of the army officers and police raised the people to an armed rebellion. In 1975, the Ramanantsua government resigned. The Supreme Revolutionary Council was founded in the country, headed by Minister Didier Ratsiraka. Soon the country changed its name to the Democratic Republic of Madagascar and, under the leadership of Ratsiraka, who was elected president of the country, headed for the socialist development of the state.

Today, Madagascar's Independence Day is a public holiday widely celebrated throughout the country with various concerts, festivities, colorful festivals, military parades and fireworks.