Martyrs' Day in Madagascar (29/03)

On March 29, the people of Madagascar celebrate Martyrs' Day in Madagascar, also known as Rebellion Day or Remembrance Day, the day the 1947 revolutionary uprising against French colonialism began.

This date is the national holiday of modern Madagascar, when all those who gave their lives in the fight against French domination are remembered. Various commemorative events are held throughout the country today.

This island nation, located off the southeast coast of Africa, was annexed by France back in 1896. And although the islanders raised an uprising, it was quickly suppressed by the French troops. However, France's hold on Madagascar has never been unquestionably strong. And during the Second World War, when France was occupied by the Nazis, the authority of the colonial government was further shaken, and the growth of a new resistance movement accelerated in Madagascar.

Under the slogan "Fatherland, freedom, progress" on March 29, 1947, Malagasy nationalists launched coordinated open attacks on French-owned plantations and military bases. The uprising quickly spread throughout the island, becoming one of the most massive in the history of Madagascar. It set a kind of standard for the liberation movement in Africa and the colonial world as a whole.

The uprising was crushed by the colonial authorities in 1948, but the French government freed the colony from its direct control in 1958. Then, according to the Constitution of the Fifth French Republic, Madagascar received the right of self-government under the name of the Malagasy Republic. And the country received full independence on June 26, 1960.