Sun coffee day in Iceland (27/01)

In Iceland, there is such an unusual holiday as Sunny Coffee Day. In winter, many regions of this country plunge into pitch darkness, not so much due to the country's proximity to the Arctic Circle, but because of the mountainous terrain. Therefore, in many valleys, the appearance of the first rays of the sun from behind the mountain has always been perceived as a prelude to the coming spring, as its golden banner.

Peasants from the surrounding estates gathered in a predetermined place, trying to bake pancakes, have time to brew and drink coffee until the capricious sun again disappeared behind the peaks. The fun also continued after sunset and resumed at the reappearance of the sun, until its light again became commonplace.

Despite the remoteness of Iceland from the coffee-producing powers, the hot invigorating drink, which appeared in 1772, immediately won the hearts of the Icelanders. In addition to coffee, only tobacco and alcohol were in high demand, regardless of the ability of the population to provide themselves with basic necessities.