Mother's Day in Panama (08/12)

In Panama, Mother's Day, which is celebrated on December 8, is one of the main and important holidays of the year. On this occasion, many people are not at their workplaces, but at home, with their families, and prepare a real holiday for their mothers, surrounding them with warmth, care and love.

On this day, everything revolves around mothers, and, nevertheless, the traditions of celebrating this day are very dependent on each particular family. But one thing remains unchanged - this day brings only joyful emotions, because its main goal is to pay tribute to mom - the most important person on earth.

Many on this day are concerned about the question of how and thanks to whom this holiday appeared. However, there is no unequivocal opinion on this matter, there are many versions that tell how this day was first celebrated. In different cultures, in different countries, Mother's Day is celebrated at different times. Depending on the culture and country, Mother's Day is celebrated according to local customs. There is a fairly common belief that the traditions of Mother's Day date back to the days of Ancient Greece. It was there that the custom was to worship the mother as a goddess.