Day of mourning in Panama (20/12)

December 20 is declared a National Day of Mourning in Panama in memory of the events of 1989, when the United States attacked the country's capital. This day honors the memory of those who died on December 20 during the brutal and unjust invasion of the American army.

The decision to conduct Operation Just Cause, the main purpose of which was the arrest of Panamanian dictator Manuel Antonio Noriega, was made by the US President on December 18, 1989. On the 20th, at about two in the morning, the operation began, by the morning the main points of resistance, namely, two bases of the local army and its headquarters in the center of Panama City, were crushed.

The intervention against Panama was the largest US military action since the aggression in Vietnam. In an effort to justify themselves in the face of the world community for the armed invasion, representatives of the US administration have repeatedly stated that the goals of the operation were, first of all, the protection of American citizens in Panama, the removal of General Noriega from all leadership positions and bringing him to justice as one of the leaders of the drug mafia. And on January 12, 1990, the United States announced the start of a humanitarian operation ("Operation Promote Liberty"), which lasted until 1991.