Panama Independence Day (03/11)

On November 3, 1903, Panama announced its separation from Colombia. This date has become a national holiday - Independence Day from Colombia, Separation Day.

It should be noted that there are three dates of independence in Panama. In order not to be confused, the following names were officially given to these holidays: Independence Day (November 3), First Independence Day (November 10) and, finally, simply Independence Day (November 28).

Presidents and heads of governments of dozens of states come to celebrate Independence Day. The scope of the celebrations shows the importance of this small country for the whole world. Literally the whole country is decorated with state symbols. On this day, the most popular goods on the streets are small national flags.

The main treat of this holiday is the national dish of sancocho (Sancocho) - this chicken soup is the main key to understanding the difficult reality of Panamania. After all, Panama, located at the crossroads of world routes, has absorbed the customs and customs of dozens of peoples into its culture. And similarly, Panamanian chicken soup - sancocho - is a mixture of dissimilar elements that combine to give a whole new taste.