Panama Independence Day (28/11)

Panama is the undisputed champion in the number of Independence Days. After celebrating Independence Day from Colombia on November 3, Panamanians celebrated the Day of the First Declaration of Independence a week later. And here on the calendar is the final date in a series of Panama independence holidays - Independence Day from Spain, which is celebrated annually on November 28th.

On this day in 1821, Panama declared independence from Spain and immediately entered the Great Colombia formed by Simon Bolivar, a state that was located on the territory of several modern Latin American countries.

The Panamanians compensated for their passivity in gaining independence with an abundance of celebrations - every Independence Day is celebrated with unusual colors and on a grand scale. Naturally, Independence Day from Spain is no exception. The abundance of state symbols on the streets of cities, solemn processions, carnival costumes, music, dances - all this creates a unique atmosphere of wide celebration.