Panama's First Independence Day (10/11)

November 10th is Panama's First Shout of Independence from Spain. November 10, 1821 the population of Los Santos (Los Santos), one of the two largest cities located on the territory of modern Panama, declared independence from the Spanish crown.

After 18 days, the inhabitants of the second city - Panama - also declared their independence from Spain - this holiday became known as Independence Day. And on November 3, 1903, Panama declared its independence from Colombia - on this day Panamanians celebrate Independence Day.

Every year, all citizens of the country take to the streets to celebrate the Day of the first declaration of independence. A colorful festival is often timed to coincide with this holiday - thousands of Panamanians dress up in masks and costumes made from exotic animal feathers and organize mass festivities.

Fun performances at the medieval fort tell Panamanians the story of the rebellion. The actors portraying the red devils are the Spanish conquerors. Fighters for justice act in democratic jeans and defeat the invaders to the sound of shamanic drums. The ritual is completed by pagan dances. All guests of the festival take part in them.