Carnival in Portugal (26/02)

On this day, a period of carnival cascades begins throughout Portugal. Carnivals take place throughout the country, usually they start four days before Lent and gain momentum as Fat Tuesday — approaches the last holiday.

What and when — is scheduled for days, and the fun is filled with itself all the time. So, Sunday and Tuesday according to tradition — the days of the sambadrome with incendiary rhythms and as fast as a flame, dancing. Monday ( pink monday ) — jester procession.

Carnivals capture the whole country in a noisy stream, but especially expressive these days Lisbon, Madeira, Torres Vedrash, Nazare, Ovar, where the most colorful processions take place.

Figueira on a carnival Saturday conducts, according to local custom, the original action « Repealing the old pimp ».

And the residents of the city of Loule in the Algarve have such a tradition: after the carnival, they change into witch costumes and go to dinner in their circle. Moreover, the male half of the population is not allowed there.