Carnival in Portugal (26/02)

On this day, the week of carnival cascades begins throughout Portugal. Carnivals take place all over the country, usually starting four days before Lent and gaining momentum as Fat Tuesday, the last day of the holiday, approaches.

What and when is scheduled by day, and fun fills all the time tightly. So, according to tradition, Sunday and Tuesday are the days of the sambadrome with incendiary rhythms and dances as fast as a flame. On Monday (Pink Monday) - a procession of jesters.

Carnivals capture the whole country with a noisy stream, but Lisbon, Madeira, Torres Vedras, Nazare, Ovar are especially expressive these days, where the most colorful processions take place.

Figueira, on carnival Saturday, holds, according to local custom, the original action "Sawing the old bawd".

And the inhabitants of the city of Loule in the Algarve have such a tradition: after the carnival, they change into costumes of witches and go to dinner in their circle. Moreover, the male half of the population is not allowed there.