Meskel is a feast of the Meskel Cross in Ethiopia (27/09)

Meskel is a religious holiday celebrated annually on September 27, and in leap years on September 28. The word meskel itself means "cross" in Amharic.

In Ethiopia, there is a legend about how the Meskel holiday was born. It is believed that on this day, Elena, the mother of Emperor Constantine of Byzantium, after a long search, managed to fulfill her most cherished desire - to find in Jerusalem the greatest shrine of Christianity - the Cross of the Lord, on which Jesus Christ was martyred in the name of saving people.

In honor of this significant event, Empress Elena lit a fire in the main square of Jerusalem. Legend has it that the flames soared so high that they could be seen in Ethiopia. The people rejoiced and celebrated this event. This happened at the beginning of the 4th century, and since then Meskel has been celebrated here every year.