American Business Women's Day (Business Wumen Day) (22/09)

Since the mid-1990s, every year on September 22, the United States has widely celebrated American Business Women's Day, in order to emphasize the importance of women's work and the undoubted contribution of women to creating the image of modern America as an economically stable and prosperous state.

The initiator of the creation of this holiday was the organization of American business women, who came to the conclusion that the contribution of its participants to the development of the economy and the welfare of the country has not yet been taken into account.

In order to correct this injustice, it was decided to establish the Day of American Women in Business. September 22 was chosen as the date of the holiday due to the fact that on this day in 1949, Kansas businessman Hilary Bufton and three business women established the American Business Women's Association, which became the national professional association for women.

It has not yet become an international holiday. However, on September 22, celebrations and holiday receptions take place across America, honoring more than 57 million working women.