Kirmes in Germany (16/10)

Kirmes in Germany (Kirmes) is a kind of harvest festival, which today is celebrated with fairs and folk festivals. It is mainly celebrated in villages and small German towns.

The celebration begins with the digging out of Kirmes, a straw effigy with a bottle of schnapps, which is buried in the ground two weeks before this day.

Then the scarecrow is solemnly carried through the whole village to a tree decorated with ribbons, garlands and fruits and fixed on top. After a magnificent service and dinner, dancing around Kirmes begins.

Dancing couples pass each other a bouquet of flowers, and the couple who, at the moment of the signal-shot, will have a bouquet, feast on a pretzel as a sign of victory. On the next day of the holiday, it is customary to visit the graves of relatives, and on the third day everyone is invited to the "funeral of Kirmes".

A comical funeral procession of mummers with torches goes to a wasteland, where they bury a stuffed animal, along with an inseparable bottle of schnapps, glass fragments, a rooster's head, ham bones and pieces of a pie. All this symbolizes the gratitude of the people for the fruitful year and it is believed that the more joyfully spend the Kirmes holiday, the better the next harvest will be, and the destruction of the effigy is getting rid of bad habits and all the troubles.