Day of the Holy Apostle Simon Kananit in Abkhazia (23/05)

On May 23, Orthodox Christians of Abkhazia celebrate the Day of the Holy Apostle Simon Kananit.

This day is of great importance not only for Orthodox Abkhazia, but also significant for the entire Christian world, because one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ preached in Abkhazia, and here rest his relics. In honor of this saint, a temple was erected at the burial site in New Athos in the 9-10 centuries.

This is the feast day of the New Athos Monastery. One of the main holidays of the Abkhaz Church.

Chronicles are silent about how long the Apostle preached in Abkhazia. It is only known that he glorified Christ the Savior with many wonderful signs, and divine teaching began to bring abundant fruits of faith to the people.

The apostle was subjected to countless grief and calamity for this. And during the persecution erected by the Georgian king Aderkiy, he was crowned with a martyrdom and buried near his cave, on the banks of Psyrtskhi.