South Ossetian Media Day (23/07)

Every year on July 23, since 1996, the Republic of South Ossetia celebrates the Day of Mass Media Workers.

The date for the holiday was not chosen by chance - it was on July 23, 1906 in Vladikavkaz that the first newspaper in the Ossetian language, Iron Newspaper (Ossetian Newspaper), was published.

Today, media workers of the Republic objectively and competently cover socio-political and socio-economic events in the life of the republic. The media play an important role in the system of the state and society, in many respects being the determining factor in the formation of public opinion, influencing the processes taking place not only in the state, but also in the world.

If in many countries in the calendars of holidays the day of each mass media is celebrated separately, then in the calendar of South Ossetia there is a single holiday for all the media of the republic.

On their professional holiday, employees of all media outlets of the Republic receive congratulations from friends and colleagues, solemn meetings are held on this day, at which state awards are presented to the most distinguished employees.