Peacemaker Day in South Ossetia (14/07)

Every year on July 14 South Ossetia celebrates the Day of the Peacemaker. This is a big holiday for the Republic. The word peacemaker consists of two words, “peace” and “creator”, therefore peacekeepers are the creators of peace, tranquility, and there can be nothing nobler than this mission on Earth.

On this day, July 14, in 1992, on the basis of the Agreement on Basic Principles for the Settlement of the Georgian-Ossetian Conflict, which was signed by the heads of Russia, Georgia, North and South Ossetia on June 24, 1992, trilateral peacekeeping forces entered the zone of the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. They acted as a buffer between the opposing sides.

It is believed that thanks to the introduction of peacekeepers, it was possible to stop the hostilities, which lasted three years and claimed hundreds of lives. After all, peacekeepers are the main guarantor of security in the conflict zone.