Day of Ossetian language and literature (15/05)

The tongue is that spring that will wither and dry up if people do not come to it to drink its pure water. But you also need to keep it from clogging ...

On May 15, South Ossetia celebrates the Day of the Ossetian language and literature. This holiday has also been celebrated in the northern part of Ossetia since 2003. It is significant that the date of the holiday is connected with the day of publication in 1899 of the book of the founder of the Ossetian literary language Kost Khetagurov "Iron Fandyr" ("Ossetian Lyre").

The Ossetian language belongs to the Iranian group of the Indo-European language family, is the only successor to the Scythian-Sarmatian-Alanian language, which makes it a unique monument of the identity, history and culture of the Ossetian people. It is difficult to overestimate the great emotional significance of today's holiday - there is no nation without a language.