Day of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova (03/09)

The National Army of the Republic of Moldova is one of the most important institutions of the stronghold of the state’s national security system. Every year on September 3, Moldova celebrates National Army Day.

The date for the holiday was chosen due to the fact that on this day in 1991 the President of Moldova signed a decree « On the formation of the Armed Forces ». And the process of creating military structures of the Armed Forces of the country was completed by 1997. The Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova include the Ground Forces, the Air Force, the Danube Forces and the Carabinieri Forces.

Along with other national holidays, National Army Day fits into the category of those festive events in which not only those who wear military uniforms, but also literally all residents of Moldova take part. This tradition has developed thanks to respect for the National Army among citizens as an institution in which people believe and value, understanding its tasks and needs.

Being one of the attributes of statehood, the National Army successfully fulfills the tasks of increasing the level of combat training of units, soldiers and officers participate in many other important tasks.

In the international field, the National Army of Moldova cooperates with the UN, OSCE, the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe, the Black Sea Cooperation Organization and others.

An integral part of military cooperation is that the defense department develops relations on a bilateral basis with colleagues from the Russian Federation. To date, more than 24 agreements in the military field at various levels have been signed between Moldova and the Russian Federation. Also, the military departments of the two countries are developing their relations, fulfilling a peacekeeping mission in the security zone of the Transnistrian region.

An important point for the National Army is Moldova’s participation in the NATO program « Partnership for Peace ». The framework document was signed in 1994 in Brussels, thereby Moldova became the 12th state to join the program.