Day of the customs officer of the Republic of Moldova (04/09)

The professional holiday - the Day of the Customs Officer - is celebrated annually by all Moldovan customs officers on September 4th. It was established by a presidential decree in 1995 to commemorate the anniversary of the establishment of this department in independent Moldova in 1991.

The history of the activity of the customs system of the Republic of Moldova begins immediately after the declaration of independence of the state - on September 4, 1991, from the moment the Decree of the President of Moldova No. 189 of September 3, 1991 "On the subordination of customs institutions on the territory of the Republic of Moldova" came into force.

This Decree provided for the transfer of all customs structures located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, consisting at that time of the customs of Ungheni, Leuseni and the internal customs of Chisinau, under the leadership of the Government of the Republic.