Day of the worker of the sphere of social protection of the population in Moldova (18/09)

The professional holiday of all social workers - the Day of the worker in the sphere of social protection of the population - is celebrated in Moldova annually on the third Sunday of September.

The honorable mission of doing good deeds and fulfilling the commandments of love and compassion for one's neighbor, as well as the fight against spiritual and material impoverishment and injustice in society - all this is assigned to a social worker.

The Republic has the Law “On the Social Protection of the Disabled” (No. 821-XII), adopted on December 24, 1991, according to which: “Disabled people in the Republic of Moldova have the full social, economic and personal rights and freedoms enshrined in the Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, adopted by the UN General Assembly, the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, this Law and other legislative acts. Discrimination against persons with disabilities is prohibited and punishable by law.”