World Contraception Day (26/09)

World Contraception Day (WCD) was celebrated for the first time on September 26, 2007, at the initiative of a number of reproductive health and family planning organizations, and since then it has been held annually.

World Contraception Day is a long-term campaign aimed at all women and men of reproductive age. Its goal is to reduce the high level of unplanned pregnancies (and therefore abortions), and the main motto is "Contraception: It's Your Life, it's your responsibility", which in Russian means: "Contraception: this is your life, this is your responsibility" .

There is currently a great need to expand knowledge on contraception among young people aged 15–25 years. It is important to provide them with the information they need during this age period, as their sexual and reproductive behavior can affect the rest of their lives. And it is also necessary to draw more attention of the authorities and the public to the problems that arise as a result of insufficient sexual education of young people and neglect of contraceptives.