Lawyer Day in the Republic of Moldova (19/10)

Lawyer Day, annually celebrated in Moldova on October 19, — a celebration of specialists of all legal professions — judges, bailiffs, lawyers, notaries, legal advisers, teachers and students of law faculties of educational institutions, all those, who seeks to become a lawyer.

Today, legal professionals accept congratulations, who will or will be entrusted with the enormous responsibility of — protecting the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, creating a legal culture of society, respect for the Law and legal policy of the state.

The presence of Lawyer Day in the calendar of professional holidays of the Republic of Moldova indicates that the role of justice is highly appreciated in the country and the contribution of lawmakers to the promotion of the values of a democratic society is recognized.

In October 2001, the Union of Lawyers of Moldova ( SUM ) was created in Chisinau. The decision to create this non-governmental organization was made within the framework of the first Congress of Lawyers of the Republic, and the purpose of the organization is to promote the principles of the rule of law, to raise the prestige of lawyers, as well as increase the level of training of future lawyers in higher educational institutions of the Republic.

At the level of the Constitution, a strategy is being developed to strengthen the legal system, which implies the need for cooperation in the name of achieving European quality standards, as well as consolidating the atmosphere of freedom and the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova.

According to the lawyers themselves, the main result of these tasks should be the adoption of the rule of law with regard to the observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens, in accordance with the provisions of the European Convention for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms. All this can be achieved only by the joint efforts of those who have devoted themselves entirely to serving the cause of justice.