Chakri Dynasty Day (06/04)

Every year on April 6, Thailand celebrates a public holiday in honor of the founding of the ruling royal dynasty of Chakri - Chakri Dynasty Day (Chakri Memorial Day).

The Chakri dynasty has ruled the country since 1782 (this year, on April 6, at the Wat Pho temple in Bangkok, Buddha Yodfa Chulalok, or Rama I, proclaimed himself king) and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest reigning dynasty of the existing ones.

On Chakri Dynasty Day, His Majesty the King and the entire royal family preside over a religious ceremony that takes place in the Royal Chapel. The purpose of this ceremony is to commemorate the departed ancestors.

On the holiday itself, the Prime Minister, ministers, high-ranking officials, students, representatives of public and private organizations, as well as people from various sectors of the population, take part in the laying of wreaths and pay tribute and memory not only to Rama I, but to all the great monarchs countries that devoted most of their lives to improving the well-being of their subjects.