Border Guard Day in the Republic of Moldova (10/06)

On June 10, the border guards of the Republic of Moldova celebrate their professional holiday. The Day of the Border Troops was established in the Republic on the basis of Presidential Decree No. 162 of May 27, 1995.

And a year earlier, on May 17, 1994, the Parliament of Moldova adopted the “Law on the State Border of the Republic of Moldova”, which came into force on November 3, 1994. According to the Law: the Border Guard Service represents the interests of the state at the State Border and is responsible for the implementation of international treaties (agreements) and legislation on the State Border.

The formation of the border troops of Moldova began in 1992. The reason was the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Moldova No. 400 adopted on June 15, 1992, in accordance with which the border troops of the Republic of Moldova were created. Since then, the number of troops has been fixed by the Government of the Republic.