Day of the banking worker of the Republic of Moldova (04/06)

Banker's Day in Moldova is celebrated annually on June 4th. The date for the holiday was chosen due to the fact that this day is taken as the date of foundation of the National Bank of the Republic of Moldova.

The foundation of the National Bank on June 4, 1991 and the adoption of banking legislation in the same year served as the basis for the creation of the national banking system of the republic.

There are currently about 15 commercial banks operating in the country.

Support and continuous development of banking management in accordance with modern requirements makes it possible to increase the level of competitiveness in the financial and banking market, constantly increase the volume of operations, both in the domestic and foreign markets, and provide customers with a wide range of services similar to those practiced by well-known foreign banks.

Recognition and appreciation of the achievements of the banking system of Moldova by international financial organizations is the result of the competent activity of all employees of the banking sector. And on their professional holiday, all bank employees accept congratulations from management, colleagues and customers.