Day of the Prophet Ezekiel (21/07)

One of the "great prophets" and priests Ezekiel (Prophet Ezekiel, 622-571 BC) was born in Judea, he is known as the author of one of the books of the Old Testament - the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel.

The Catholic Church celebrates Memorial Day of the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel on July 21. In 597 B.C. he ended up with the settlers from his people in Babylon. There he discovered in himself the gift of prophecy, thanks to his visions (the Divine wheel, a vision of a field with withered bones rising to new life; a new Jerusalem temple, and others).

“…Thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the nations among whom they are, and I will gather them from everywhere and bring them into their land. On this land, on the mountains of Israel, I will make them one people, and one King will be king over them all, and they will no longer be two peoples, and will no longer be divided into two kingdoms.