Green Day in Japan (04/05)

May 4 is Greenery Day in Japan, or, as it is sometimes translated, Green Space Day. Until 2007, it was celebrated on April 29th. The "natural" name of the holiday is associated with the name of Emperor Showa and his deep love for wildlife.

Emperor Showa (the secular name of His Majesty is Hirohito. The eternal title of Emperor Showa was received after his death), the eldest son of Emperor Taisho, was born in Tokyo on April 29, 1901. After the death of Emperor Taishō on December 25, 1926, the Crown Prince was officially proclaimed the 124th Emperor of Japan. After the Second World War, in accordance with the Constitution of Japan, the emperor was positioned as a symbol of the state and the unity of the people. Until his death in 1989, he symbolized the longest period in Japanese history, the Showa period (1926-1989).

Despite the absence of real power, the emperor led an extremely active social life, received foreign ambassadors and high delegations from abroad, made return visits, took part in scientific conferences, and traveled around Japan. His trips became especially numerous after the Second World War, when he made every effort to maintain the morale of the affected families.