St. Anne's Day is with Western Christians (26/07)

Saint Anna (Saint Anne, also Ann or Anna, from the Hebrew Hannah) - in Christianity, the mother of the Virgin, the grandmother of Jesus Christ (the Mother of God), the wife of St. Joachim (St. Joachim), who miraculously gave birth to a daughter after many years of childless marriage.

Saint Anne is addressed as the protector of pregnant women. It is to her that they turn their prayers so that the birth is easy, the child is born healthy, and that there is enough milk. Saint Anna is also the patroness of laundresses and embroiderers, since these crafts are associated with the functions of the mother.

In the Orthodox and Catholic churches, she is canonized as a saint.

Catholicism celebrates as a holiday the Feast of Saint Anne on July 26 and December 8 - the day of the conception of the Virgin Mary, which the Roman Catholic Church considers immaculate, interpreting this in the sense that original sin did not pass to Mary, but by no means in that she, like Jesus, be conceived in a seedless way. According to the Franciscan doctrine, the conception of the Virgin Mary occurred as a result of an embrace and a kiss at the Golden Gate, and this miracle was the first act of Divine Salvation.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Assumption of the Righteous Anna, mother of the Most Holy Theotokos on August 7.