Holy Spirit Day (13/06)

Next Trinity Monday, a holiday is celebrated in honor of the Holy Spirit. This holiday was established by the Church « for the sake of the greatness of the Most Holy and Life-giving Spirit, as the only one is ( from ) Holy and Life-Giving Trinity », in opposition to the teachings of heretics, who rejected the Divine of the Holy Spirit and His consubstantiation with God the Father and the Son of God.

Holy Spirit — Third Person ( Ipostas ) Holy Trinity, the true God, consubstantial and inglorious to the Father and the Son.

Like all Persons ( The Spare ) Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit has properties inherent only to God. Like all the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit is indifferent in His Divine dignity to the Father and the Son. Like all the Persons of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit is united by Him, has a single Divine essence ( a nature ) with the Father and the Son.

Like all the Holy Trinity Persons, the Holy Spirit is given a single and inseparable worship, that is, worshiping the Holy Spirit, Christians worship with Him the Father and the Son, constantly bearing in mind Their common Divine, one divine essence.

From the Two Other Persons of the Holy Trinity of the Holy Spirit, the personal ( separate ) property is distinguished, which consists in the fact that He comes from the Father forever. The origin of the Holy Spirit has neither a beginning nor an end, it is completely timeless, since God Himself exists outside of time.

By the power of His Divine presence, the Holy Spirit can also abide in a man who believes in Christ, telling him hitherto an unknown knowledge of God, introducing him to the fullness of the blessed Divine life. Divine actions in a person are often referred to as the grace of the Holy Spirit, since the Holy Spirit incomprehensibly dwells in a person, dwells and abides in him.

At the same time, the gracious Divine actions of the community to all the Holy Trinity Persons and the presence of the Holy Spirit in man also means the cohabitation of the Father and the Son with Him — the Divine Mind and the Divine Word, that is, the entire Holy Trinity — « Mind, Words and Spirit — common contact and divinity » ( St. Gregory the Theologians ).