Celebration in honor of the transfer of the relics of the faithful prince Dimitri from Uglich to Moscow (16/06)

In 1582, King John IV ( Grozny ) had a son — future holy missus Tsarevich Dimitri Uglichsky ( Moscow ). In the reign of Theodore Ioannovich, when in fact the ruler of the Russian state was his brother-in-law — boyarin Boris Godunov, Tsarevich Dimitri, along with his mother, Queen Maria Theodorovna, was removed from the Court to the city of Uglich.

Wanting to get rid of the legal heir to the Russian throne, Boris Godunov began to act against the prince as against a personal enemy. At first he tried to slander the young heir to the throne, spreading false rumors about his imaginary illegal birth. Then he spread a new fiction, as if Demetrius inherited the severity of the Sovereign of his father. Since these actions did not bring what they wanted, the insidious Boris decided to destroy the prince. The attempt to poison Demetrius was unsuccessful: a deadly potion did not harm the lad. Then the villains decided on a clear crime.

On Saturday, May 28, 1591, the code was walked with a nurse in the yard, the sent killers brutally stabbed the prince.

Tsarevich Demetrius was buried in Uglich, in the palace church in honor of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Many miracles and healings began to happen at his tomb, especially often patients with eyes were healed.

The transfer of the holy relics of the faithful prince Dimitri from Uglich to Moscow took place on June 16, 1606.

The reason for this was the desire, in the words of Tsar Vasily Shui, « to fence the falsehood and to blind the unbelievers as if living was ( Tsarevich ) from the murderous melons », due to the appearance of the impostor, declaring himself a true prince of Demetrius. The holy relics were solemnly transferred and laid in the Arkhangelsk Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin, « in the village of John the Baptist, the idea is his father and his brothers ».