Celebrating in honor of the appearance of the icon of the Mother of God in Kazan (21/07)

The celebration of the appearance of the icon of the Mother of God on July 21 (according to the new style) begins with the miraculous appearance of the icon in the city of Kazan in 1579.

The icon is an image of the Mother of God and Jesus Christ, who face the people. Christ blesses with one hand, the other hand is hidden under the chiton. According to the iconographic composition, the icon belongs to the Hodegetria type (in Greek - “guide”). Unlike more ancient icons of this type, the head of the Mother of God is slightly inclined to the left.

History tells that some time after the conquest of Kazan by the young Tsar Ivan the Terrible, the establishment of the Kazan diocese by him and the successful spread of Christianity, the Mohammedans began to show strong resistance. The fire of 1579, which destroyed half of the Kazan Kremlin and the adjacent part of the city, they regarded as the wrath of the "Russian God". It was at this time that the mercy of God was manifested in Kazan to strengthen Orthodoxy through the miraculous acquisition of the icon of the Mother of God, which on this occasion received the name of Kazan.