Thai Constitution Day (10/12)

Constitution Day in Thailand ( Constitution Day in Thailand ) is celebrated on December 10 in honor of the adoption of the 1st permanent Constitution of the country, proclaimed on December 10, 1932. Although the Constitution was subsequently revised several times, the 1932 Constitution became the country's main law and was significant progress compared to the previously adopted provisional Statutes.

The People's Party ( People's Party ), officially registered in August 1932, proclaimed a permanent Constitution on December 10, 1932, according to which the monarchy received increased powers and power compared to the provisional charters.

The new Constitution enshrined the provision that the supreme ( sovereign ) power now belongs to the citizens of Siam. However, according to the Constitution, the monarchy will be the direct apparatus of this government.

After the proclamation and implementation of the new Constitution, a new Cabinet was formed, consisting of 20 members, 10 of which belonged to the People’s Party. On January 7, 1933, the Nationalist Party ( Nationalist Party ) was officially registered.

Thus, there was a fall in the absolute monarchy in Thailand, and the palace « Anantasamak » became the seat of Parliament. The throne palace « Anantasamakom » is located on the territory of the complex of the National Assembly of Thailand, not far from the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn ( Rama V ).

In modern Thailand, Constitution Day — is a great holiday. Many buildings and houses in cities are decorated with national flags and garlands. Most government agencies and enterprises do not work on this day. But entertainment centers and places of rest, as a rule, work without time limits. Various educational events — exhibitions, seminars, discussions are also held throughout the country, the purpose of which is — to promote a better understanding of the democratic system and the development of political culture in Thai society.