Sonya Day in Finland (27/07)

The tradition of celebrating Dormouse Day (Finnish Unikeonpäivä), which is celebrated in Finland annually on July 27, came to the country in the Middle Ages along with the legend of seven Christians who slept for almost 200 years in a cave to escape the wrath of the Roman emperor. According to local belief, the same fate will befall anyone who oversleep that day longer than usual. Despite the rather sad legend, the holiday turned into an original event.

The legend of the seven youths of Ephesus was transformed into a story about people who fell asleep, and when they woke up, they were convinced that their world had changed.

The phrase "seven sleepers" (seven sleeping) became winged in the Protestant culture of the 16th century. During the Enlightenment, the legend was not popular, but it was remembered again in the Romantic era. The word syvsover (literally "seven sleepers") has become fixed in the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish languages in the sense of "one who sleeps soundly and for a long time."