Remembering the miracle of the Archistratig Michael (19/09)

Archangel Michael is one of the highest angels, taking the closest part in the destinies of the Church. Archangel Michael in Scripture is called the "prince", "the leader of the Lord's army" and is depicted as the main fighter against the devil and all lawlessness among people. Therefore, in the church, he is called the "archangel", that is, the senior warrior, the leader.

The Church honors Archangel Michael as a defender of the faith and a fighter against heresies and all evil. On the icons, Michael is depicted with a fiery sword in his hand or a spear, overthrowing the devil.

The miracle of the Archangel Michael happened in the 4th century. Not far from the city of Hierapolis there is an area called Herotopa, and in this area there was a temple erected in the name of the Archangel Michael. And near that temple a healing spring flowed. The temple was built by one of the inhabitants of the city in gratitude to the holy Archangel Michael for healing his dumb daughter with the water of the spring. Archangel Michael, having appeared in a dream to the father of a mute maiden, who had not yet been enlightened by holy Baptism, revealed to him that his daughter would receive the gift of speech by drinking water from a spring.