Teacher and Mentors Day in Uzbekistan (01/10)

Each of us has our own Teacher and our Mentor. These are people without whom we would not have taken place as individuals, would not have received vital skills, knowledge and skills. In Uzbekistan, you can express gratitude to these outstanding people on their professional holiday — Teacher and Mentors Day, celebrated here on October 1.

This holiday in Uzbekistan has been celebrated since 1997 in accordance with the Decree of President I. Karimov of December 27, 1996.

In his congratulation to teachers and mentors then, the head of Uzbekistan very much appreciated their work, noting the complexity and importance of the work of each teacher, and thanked for the fact that, « not sparing their knowledge and experience, talent and skill, warmth, strength and energy, showing the best human qualities, wholeheartedly serve the cause of education and enlightenment ».

In the Republic, special attention is paid to the continuous improvement of the education system, construction, reconstruction of educational institutions, the expansion of the system of preschool education institutions, and the radical improvement in the quality of general secondary education.

Based on the adopted legislative acts in the field, consistent work is being done to improve the quality of education, train highly qualified personnel, expand the network of preschool and school educational institutions, and improve the conditions in them for the comprehensive development of children.

The Ministry of Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan holds educational projects, creative competitions, conferences of teachers and subject teachers aimed at improving the professional skills of teachers. Competitions « Best Teacher of the Year », « Best School of the Year », « Best Psychologist of the Year », « Best Educator of the Year » are an important factor in popularizing best practices in the field, comprehensive support of dedicated teachers.

On this day, schoolchildren, students and all residents of the country congratulate teachers, teachers and mentors of all educational institutions on their professional holiday, which is considered one of the most significant and solemn in the year. In Uzbekistan, attitudes towards teachers and mentors have always been special, and today people in this profession are still immensely respected, appreciating their work and selfless care for the younger generation.