Epiphany in Greece (06/01)

On the day when Eastern Christians celebrate Christmas Eve, the inhabitants of Greece celebrate Theophany (Greek Θεοφάνια), which is called here Fota (Greek Φώτα) - literally "fires" - or Theofania (Theofania) - Epiphany. It completes the celebration of the 12 days of Christmas.

The Greek Orthodox Church, which lives according to the Gregorian calendar, celebrates this holiday along with Western Christians - almost two weeks earlier than the Russian Orthodox Church. Like other major church holidays, this day is a day off in Greece.

Traditionally, the celebration of Theophany begins with an evening service in the church on the eve, i.e. 5 January. After its completion, the priest goes from house to house with a cross, sprinkling the dwelling with holy water. On the holiday itself, the main celebrations take place in the main Greek harbor of Piraeus near Athens. A prayer service is served on the pier, surrounded by festively decorated warships.