Festival of beautiful birth in Australia (27/02)

History knows many examples of how in different eras and in different cultures they celebrated and honored the majestic and mysterious state of pregnancy, childbirth and the birth of a new life. But such celebrations also had an additional meaning - this is the education of a woman-mother of inner strength and self-confidence in order to embark on the difficult path of raising a child and go through it with dignity.

In other words, birth does not only mean the physical birth of children. Birth also refers to the spiritual birth of mothers - strong, competent, capable mothers who believe in themselves and their inner strength.

The purpose of the Beautiful Birth Festival is precisely to celebrate the birth of a new person, to celebrate this significant moment in the life of a family, and also to practically help a woman in raising a child and draw the attention of interested organizations to the problems of motherhood and childhood. The festival takes place in the capital of South Australia, Adelaide, every year on February 27th.

The Beautiful Birth Festival Management Committee was formed in 2008. Interestingly, the initiators of the Festival and the core of the committee were five working women raising 17 children. All five have extensive work experience, both voluntary and professional, in social support services and mothers' organizations.

The women themselves emphasize that the Festival is intended to show once again that birth is a bright, life-affirming and wonderful experience, that there are much more happy birth stories than negative ones, talk about which often prevails in modern society.