Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary among Western Christians (15/08)

The celebration of the Assumption of Mary is dedicated to the remembrance of the death of the Mother of God Mary and Her bodily ascension to heaven. This holiday in the Catholic Church has the status of a celebration (the highest degree in the hierarchy of Catholic holidays) and is celebrated annually on August 15th.

In the East and in the West it has different names. The Greeks called it "Koimesis" - "Immersion in sleep" (from Church Slavonic - dormancy). In the West, the Latin name "Assumption" - "taking", "acceptance" has become entrenched, therefore among Russian Catholics of the Latin rite, along with the "Assumption", which is well-established in the Russian tradition, the name "Taking of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heavenly glory" is used.

Early Christian monuments contain various and often contradictory information about where and for how long the Mother of God lived after the end of the earthly life of Christ.