International Day of the African Child (16/06)

Every year on June 16, at the initiative of the Organization of African Unity, the world celebrates the International Day of the African Child, also known as the Day of the African Child.

The holiday was first celebrated in 1991, and since then the main theme of the events held as part of the Day around the world has been to attract the attention of the world community, children's and medical organizations, as well as politicians around the world to the problems of African children and to the conditions of their daily life. .

The date of the International Day of the African Child was chosen in connection with the tragic events that took place on June 16, 1976 in South Africa. On that day, thousands of black schoolchildren took to the streets of the settlement on the southwestern outskirts of Johannesburg - Soweto (Soweto - South Western Townships) - demanding to improve the quality of school education and upholding the right to study in their native language.