Day of the historian in the Republic of Moldova (18/06)

Since 2011, a professional holiday has been celebrated in Moldova - Historian's Day. The Academy of Sciences and the Association of Historians of the Republic of Moldova came up with the initiative to establish it, and the decision was made by the Government of the country on June 8, 2011.

Historian's Day is approved to be celebrated annually on June 18. This date marks an important day for the community of historians in the Republic of Moldova. On June 18, 1989, the Association of Historians was established, which for more than thirty years has played an important role in coordinating the work and efforts of the historians of the Republic.

Moldovan lands have been inhabited since ancient times, archaeologists find evidence of people living in these parts already in the Paleolithic era. During the reign of Alexander cel Bun, Stefan cel Mare, Petru Rares and Vasily Lupu, who left a rich cultural and spiritual heritage, a true revival of Moldova began. As you know, for the first time this state was mentioned in written historical sources in 1359. And in 1365, the ruler of the country, governor Bogdan, ensured that Moldova was recognized as an independent state with its capital in the city of Siret.