Shrovetide is the beginning of a cheese week (28/02)

Maslenitsa is an ancient Slavic holiday with numerous customs, which has come down to our days through the centuries. It is celebrated during the week before Lent. Maslenitsa in 2022 is celebrated from February 28 to March 6.

Maslenitsa is a cheerful farewell to winter, illuminated by the joyful expectation of close warmth, spring renewal of nature. Traditionally, the main attributes of the holiday were a stuffed Maslenitsa, fun, sleigh rides, festivities and, of course, pancakes - round, ruddy, hot, before they had a ritual meaning, because they were a symbol of the sun, which flared up brighter, lengthening the days.

It is possible that pancakes were also part of the funeral rite, since the Saturday before Shrovetide was revered as "parents' day" - the Slavs worshiped the souls of deceased ancestors.