French Day ( International Francophonie Day ) (20/03)

French Day ( fr. Journée de la langue française ), like the days of other United Nations languages, has been celebrated annually since 2010. The initiator of the introduction of the new holiday was the UN Department of Public Relations, and the purpose of these days is to celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity, as well as to promote the equal use of the six official languages throughout the Organization.

The date of the French language was chosen on March 20, when the International Francophonie Day ( fr. Journée Internationale de la francophonie ).

Francophonie ( fr. La Francophonie ) — is an international organization for cooperation between the French-speaking countries of the world. Combines 88 members representing various states or parts of the world's states. The main criteria for joining an organization are not the degree of knowledge of citizens of a country in the Gal language, but rather cultural relations with France. Therefore, the observers of Francophonie include Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Francophonie has existed for more than half a century: on March 20, 1970, an agreement was signed in Niger on the creation of an interstate organization of French-speaking countries.

However, recently, the French language has lost its status, largely yielding to English. Even in the European Union, where French is the official language, its future depends on many factors. Many countries — for example, Finland, Austria, Sweden — use English as a means of communication, which cannot but affect the position of the Gaul language.

However, French itself remains one of the world's cultural values. It was in this language that Voltaire, Didro, Hugo, Dumas, Balzac, Rabel — spoke and wrote, and only this language can preserve and convey all the subtleties of their immortal works.