International Widow Day (23/06)

We must ensure that widows enjoy the rights and social protection they deserve. Death is inevitable, but we can reduce the suffering of widows by raising their status and helping them in their time of need. 8th UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

Every year on June 23, since 2011, the world community celebrates International Widow's Day. This date provides an opportunity to pay attention to the plight of women and children left without male support. This is called for by the resolution of the UN General Assembly (A / RES / 65/189), which was issued in December 2010 and fixed the status of an international day for June 23.

According to the United Nations, the total number of widows in the world today is about 258 million, with one in ten women living in extreme poverty. A large number of widows live in countries where armed conflicts rage; their situation is especially difficult: they lose their husbands at a young age, while they are forced to raise children in the conditions of hostilities and without any outside support.