Dresden City Day (19/08)

In August, Dresden – one of Germany's largest industrial centers celebrates its day.

True, the date of the city celebration does not coincide with the historical birthday of the city, which is celebrated on March 31. It is with this number of 1206 that the diploma of Dietrich von Maysen is dated, in which Dresden was first mentioned. Thus, the city is a little over 800 years old.

City Day – Dresden City Festival – a young holiday, it has been listed on the calendar since 1998. However, it is celebrated in Dresden with wide mass festivities.

The center of the holiday, as a rule, becomes Theater Square, where grand concerts of popular and rock music are held. The integral elements of the holiday are the festive procession Der Fürstenzug zu Dresden, the Sächsiche Dampfschifffahrt steamboat festival and fireworks.

The holiday program remains equally saturated every year, although it is constantly changing.