Madrid Day (02/05)

On May 2, Spaniards honor their capital – Madrid Day ( Dos de Mayo ) is celebrated.

The date of the celebration is connected with the anniversary of the uprising against the French troops on May 2, 1808. A little earlier, French troops led by Napoleon captured the city, and on May 2, after the overthrow of King Ferdinand VII and the proclamation of King Joseph Bonaparte in Madrid, an uprising broke out. Although it was brutally suppressed by the invaders, the date went down in the history of the city.

Today Madrid ( Spanish. Madrid ) – not only the capital, but also the largest city in Spain, as well as the administrative center of the province of the same name and autonomous community.

For other European capitals, Madrid was founded quite late. According to most sources, during the reign of the Arab Emir Mohammed I, the Majerit fortress was erected in the 9th century to defend against the attack of Christians. Over time, she grew up with settlements and gained the status of a city.

Today, Madrid is considered one of the most beautiful capitals not only in Europe, but throughout the world. The historical center of the city is the eponymous district – Center, or Centro. The main attractions of Madrid are concentrated here: Puerta del Sol Square with « zero » kilometer, the main square of the city of Plaza Mayor, the Kibela fountain, the royal palace, the cathedral, etc.

City Day is traditionally accompanied by military parades. They are held in Puerta del Sol Square, in the Malasanya area, in Plaza de Plaza de los Mayo. In addition, many entertainment events take place on the holiday, including concerts and theater productions – both in the open air and in closed rooms.

Also, tourists will be curious to visit museum exhibits that are prepared specifically for the holiday. And, of course, on this day, numerous restaurants in Madrid await guests, offering them a festive menu and especially interesting show programs.