St. Raphael's Day in Cordoba (24/10)

Saint Raphael's Day is celebrated on October 24th. This archangel is considered the patron saint of Cordoba. The townspeople honor him more than all other saints - along with the Virgin Mary.

The image of the archangel Raphael is found everywhere in Cordoba. His statue adorns the tall columns that can be found in every place in the city where he performed this or that miracle. One of the largest monuments is located on the Guadalclivir bridge, which leads to Old Cordoba. Its length is 225 meters.

The veneration of Saint Raphael in Cordoba is not a formality at all. The locals really love him and consider him their patron. This is confirmed by the fact that even today newborn boys are most often called Raphaels - in honor of the archangel.

Arriving at the feast of St. Raphael, you can get acquainted with all the sights of the ancient city. In Cordoba, you can see a lot of architectural monuments - for example, the palaces of caliphs and dignitaries, striking with fabulous luxury and immersed in the greenery of wonderful gardens with fountains, or the main mosque of Mesquito, which is the greatest work of Arab architecture.